You are in your 30’s ! You’ve mastered a lot in your life by now, perhaps your career is on the rise and you are more confident than you were a decade ago and you feel more in control. This is also a time when your life can be a little more complicated than it was in your twenties, more so when children come into the picture, or you finally get that  new senior position that keeps you so busy  both physically and mentally. Setting some time to look after your skin is as important as it is elusive!  Its so easy to procrastinate and always put off taking care of that wrinkle, dull complexion or the increased shedding of hair… after all these problems are not life threatening. You’ll do it next week, next month, next year…

Let me let you in on a little secret, and the reason why I decided to write this article to the 30 year olds. I see many patients in my practice from teens, 20 year olds, 30 year oldsup to 65+ year olds. When I do facial rejuvenating treatments particularly on the patients 50+ years  and over, one of the most common regret mentioned by this group of patient is this: I wish I  had the opportunity to start these treatments when I was younger. So, to the 30+  year olds, these treatments are for you!

1. Preventative Botox, you may have looked around at your friends, and are starting to notice the ‘1’, ’11’ sometimes ‘111’  lines between the eyebrows. Some patients may also have an angry  or stressed out look to their appearance, unintentionally of course. This is a results of many years of making strong facial expressions , resulting in a strong corrugator muscle. This is often combined with poor sun care practices resulting is sun damage and loss of skin recoil. Another area that commonly presents with lines is the forehead, lines running across the forehead. I see these commonly at 35+ on brown skin. Sooner on  fairer skin.

2. Chemical Peels, your cell turn over and collagen production is not as it was in your 20’s. Infact, collagen production has been on a decline since age 25. This not only affects how supple and firm your skin is, but your complexion will change as a result. A suitable chemical peel is great because it increases cell  turn over and  stimulate new collagen formation within the dermis, your skin factory. Secondly, pigmentation is still very common in this age group and  a carefully selected chemical peel treatment can address this problem very effectively.

3.  Dermal Filler treatment, in this age group, patients often present to me with a dissatisfaction with lines that are starting to form between the outer  corner  of the nose to the corner of the mouth. These are called  naso-labial folds. Deep lines and folds in this area form as a result of a shift in facial fat pad positioning, in downwards manner , as well as  thinning of these facial fat pads. A result of Aging unfortunately. Dermal Filler, strategically placed to rebalance the face can do a really great job at restoring this area.

4.  Platelet Rich Plasma/ Vampire Facial, I love this treatment, for all age groups. Particularly for my patients in their 30’s. This treatments uses your own platelets, activated by myself in-clinic to wake up growth factors which work brilliantly on healing the body. In this case, this is a great treatment for boosting collagen, healing scars, evening skin tone, hydrating skin, improving skin texture, brightening undereye darkness and preventing wrinkles. This is injected using a  small needle during mesotherapy  or with a micro needling device. It is a natural treatment with natural  results


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Until then, signing out…


Dr Ntuthu Mvundla

The Joburg Beauty Doctor