Currently, in the South African media arena, there is an undeniable hype about Aesthetic Medicine. This, coupled with a sprout of new aesthetic clinics at every turn, particularly in Johannesburg, its no wonder I am often asked to explain what Aesthetics is really about?

Before I delve into that, I will have you know that I  like to think of the work I do as an art, because it really does require more than a medical degree … an artistic eye is absolutely crucial and so I like to think of Aesthetics as a branch of medicine with a sprinkle of philosophy, that deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste. Medical Aesthetics uses medical knowledge  (anatomy and physiology) and clinical skill, coupled with an artistic eye, to maintain and restore beauty as well as prevent premature ageing.

In medical Aesthetics, a medical doctor with post-graduate training in the field uses non -surgical methods to bring back beauty and to bring harmony to their patient’s facial profile. There are different tools through which we achieve this, we use anti-wrinkle injections to soften dynamic lines that have formed over the years, we use dermal fillers to fill pesky smile lines that may begin to make an unwanted appearance on our faces around the 30’s , sometimes sooner!  We use threads to perform a non-surgical face lift procedure (done in clinic with minimal downtime). This is a revolutionary procedure for men and women who are 30+ who  notice a  downward sagging  and shifting of facial fat pads that give us all that youthful plump face. The list above is far from exhaustive.

So you may ask, what else? Well, in my practice, we do more than just treat the Face, we also use these techniques to treat your Hair and your Figure. We perform treatments to restore different kinds of hair loss in both men and women, and offer our expertise and advise where a surgical solution to restoring hair is more suitable. For the Figure, we offer a variety of  treatments  to improve size, shape as well as skin. 

Now you don’t have to settle for what you’re not happy about, there is help at hand! You can still look radiant, you can reverse the signs of ageing up to 10 years and even more. You can prevent ageing, imagine still looking really fresh and radiant with plump skin at 65!  It is very possible if you are committed to taking good care of yourself.

So if you have asked yourself, “Do I really need to see an Aesthetic Doctor?”

My  response would be, “Do you really need to spend one more day of your  precious life worried about pigmentation, deep laugh lines and dull skin?”

If you want to see a change in your skin, and you want to look great, you’re going to have to commit to seeing an expert in this field.

When you come to see me at my practice, we start the consultation by going through your skin history and then I spend some time analysing your face beyond the skin, looking at the balance and symmetry of your facial profile, examining the location of facial fat pads that give you the youthful look, how taut your skin is, the strength of your facial muscles and effect on your skin and facial movement. This is the fun part! From here, we make a comprehensive plan together, which you have access to.

That, in a very summarised format, is medical aesthetics.

Come in for your consultation with me and take control of your life today!

Look out for my next article where I will be discussing, ‘Botox’

Until then, signing out…

Dr Ntuthu Mvundla

The Joburg Beauty Doctor