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What is Hyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, affects millions of people across the world. The sweating isn’t caused by overheating or excessive exercise and can affect all of some of the sweat glands.

Many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis find it extremely uncomfortable, as they often sweat through their clothes. Treatment options can include prescription-strength antiperspirants – but Dr Mvundla’s treatments offer a far more comfortable solution with longer-term results.

Hyperhidrosis Injections

During this procedure, Dr Mvundla injects a chemical compound into the body. This compound blocks the impulses of the nerves that supply the sweat glands, reducing their production. If you suffer from excessive sweating, this procedure can help you!

The treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and you can see the effects after around a week. Your results should last for approximately 3 – 6 months before you need another treatment.

Dr Ntuthu Mvundla

Dr Ntuthu Mvundla

Dr Mvundla is a medical aesthetic specialist with an overwhelming interest in health and wellness. Dr Mvundla has an advanced diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and has been helping people transform their lives through aesthetic medicine for many years.

Over the years, Dr Mvundla has helped many people with hyperhidrosis to overcome their condition and help their sweat glands to function normally. Her clients have seen dramatic results and have been ecstatic to find that they no longer sweat through their clothes and can shake hands without reservation or embarrassment.

With revolutionary treatment modalities and excessive experience, Dr Mvundla can help you combat your acne and pigmentation issues and leave you looking and feeling your best!

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