Greetings to all my patients and fellow colleagues!

So here is a topic that is always hot off the press – Botox! Who should get it, who is doing it? Who’s doing it in secret and who needs to get it done …oooh, exciting isn’t it?

So I thought I would put together 10 key points to remember about Botox, especially for the newbies to aesthetics who have been wondering about this drug. If you have been thinking about Botox, these 10 key points will get you thinking even more!

Here are 10 key points about Botulinum Toxin A, aka,  Botox / Anti-Aging Injections / Anti Wrinkle Injections:

1. Botox is a very safe medical procedure.

2. Botox is a medically certified and FDA approved procedure to take years off you.

3. When it comes to a really effective treatment to get rid of and prevent dynamic wrinkles, in my opinion, there is no equal! Only second bests.

4. Botox is a minimally invasive procedure and has zero downtime. You can get your injection at 13h00, at 13h20 your life continues as per usual.

5. No one will know you had a Botox shot… unless you tell them of course!

6. You can look 10-15 years younger in approximately 5-10 days after your  Botox shot.

7. You can have Botox and still be able to make facial expressions, with natural results.

  1. The dose of your Botox can be customised and personalised. No two faces are alike.
  1. You can take baby steps and start with baby Botox, more frequently.

10. If you no longer want the effects of Botox for any reason, you can simply stop getting the injection and in 3-4 months time, your muscle will go back to its contractile state and the overlying skin will continue ageing as previously.

There you have it! Until next time…

Dr Ntuthu Mvundla

The Joburg Beauty Doctor